Has Shezan became bad? Something terrible has happened and the dark side of genius is taking over!

Shazar is the alter-ego of shezan: an evil genius bent to the wishes of the underworld like a beach chair, a genius who set his soul on fire without keeping a receipt. His obsession is one: set the world on fire!

The show mixes performative fire skills (juggling, fire eating, fire-breathing) with the ability to entertain the public through an unusual and effective involvement. The Evil world is ironically painted to offer a poetic and amusing vision of the usual negative elements. Shazar is a “Disney villain” incapable of carrying out evil deeds, indeed his own attempts will bring up the absurdity of this undertaking, placing the accent on the senselessness of the evil itself.

Performative show lasting about 25 minutes
– (the duration can be reduced or increased according to requirements from 15 min. up to about 45 min.)
– the show cannot be repeated (at best it can be complementary to the Shezan show the Impossible genius. For this and other special cases I invite you to discuss it personally with the artist).


The minimum SPACE required for the artist is approximately 4 × 4 meters as an exhibition area plus 1 meter of safety between this space and the public
Total 5 × 5 meters (beyond this surface it is necessary to take into account the space in which the public stays in case there are no chairs)

The set-up TIMES are approximately 40 minutes for setting up and off if Audio and Lights are not provided
If the system is already provided setting time is 20/25 minutes

I need at least a standard electric power outlet (both industrial and civil are fine, as long as it is 220 v.)
The surface must be fire proof, in case of flammable floor two buckets of sand are required.
I have an audio system and basic lights to be autonomous
In case of provided system I will rely on it and I do not need any technician.
In case of no power available, I can bring a smaller sound system.
(In this case I would like to talk about this in order mange the situation at the best).