A very bizarre genius, with no lamp and no owner, lives in a small teapot and travels the world looking for the phantom wiper …
His dilemma haunts him because a masterless genius cannot grant wishes! The only way to achieve his goal of freedom is to convince the audience that he is truly a genius!
The only way to do it is by showing magical effects and unique performance to the world, to the point of pushing the whole crowd to grant only one wish. His desire is to amaze them and he will push himself as much as he can in order to do it!

The impossible genius is a show that mixes various arts and with the ability to interact with the audience. Juggling, magic, pantomime, fakirism, balancing, rhythm and comedy come together to create a unique experience, where every type of audience will be satisfied. In fact, the show can be performed both spoken or with music; it can be presented as a full show or as a shorter version (see technical data sheet). The show will be as well adapt to the audience switching between a dreamlike atmosphere or a comical and funny situation. Shezan’s great ability is indeed understanding the audience’s needs in order to tailor the show for it! Who better than a genius can fulfill every request?

The minimum space required for the show is about 4 × 4 meters (note, in this space the audience is not included)
A higher stage is preferred bu not strictly necessary.

If Audio and Lights are not provided the set-up time for the show is about 30 minutes, otherwise 5/10 minutes are enough.
I need at least one standard electrical power outlet (both industrial and civil are fine, as long as it is 220 v.)
I can provide audio and light systems on my own.
I don’t need any technician to set up the show.
In case of no power available, I can bring a smaller sound system.
(In this case I would like to talk about this in order mange the situation at the best).