“Shezan and The Enchanted Lanterns” is a performance that encompasses all the magic of the ancient Orient in a unique and original style, leading the public to a dreamlike world where everything is possible.
A mysterious character, in a thousand and one night atmosphere, gets a magic medallion that allows him to create strange spells, capable of producing magical Lanterns, suspended between reality and fantasy. All of this is enriched by crystal balls, golden fans and other wonderful objects. But in the end the spell turns against the magician, challenging him … Will Shezan be able to free himself from the curse of the Dark Demon?

“Shezan and the Enchanted Lanterns” is an eight minute long magic performance, suitable for events such as Cabaret, Gala evenings, or special private events.
It is a theater performance that needs a place suitable for its presentation, with a dark backdrop, side wings and an adequate lighting plan (see technical data sheet)

It is a theater performance that needs a t least a 4 × 4 meters space of, closed on three sides with possibly dark background.
It also requires an off-stage space to store the material before and after the performance. Being a very complex number, the location will be always checked with the artist before to confirm the show.

– 3 minutes set up on stage
– 1 minute set off
– to set all the props before the show i need 1 hour at least

Lights has to be sets before the show with the technician, if there is not an adequate system, a simplified version of the lighting plan can be set.